Finding Forrester (he’s not at JCCSF)

One of my favourite scenes from Finding Forrester is when Jamal corrects Professor Crawford:

Prof. Robert Crawford: [to Jamal] Perhaps your skills do reach farther than basketball.
Jamal: “Further”
Prof. Robert Crawford: What?
Claire Spence: [whispered to Jamal] Don’t…
Jamal: [to Crawford] You said that my skills reached “farther” than basketball. “Farther” relates to distance, “further” is a definition of degree. You should have said “further”.
Prof. Robert Crawford: Are you challenging me, Mr. Wallace?
Jamal: Not any more than you challenged Coleridge.

The JCCSF’s new tagline is “Your Membership Goes Farther.”

You can see it on their yelp page and on their bus ads:

Where, exactly, does the JCC’s membership take you?

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