Monthly Archives: March 2010

Professor Larry Smith doesn’t understand the Internet

University of Waterloo economics professor Larry Smith doesn’t understand the Internet: This site is intended for the exclusive use of Larry Smith’s current and former students. Its use by other persons is expressly prohibited.

Who is NAC SKI?

So the NAC SKI people try really hard to hide their contact information. There’s no phone number on the site or their Yelp page Why? Who knows. Update 2012-02-17: NAC SKI has now updated their Yelp page with contact information: … Continue reading

Webstaurant shipping fail

I was ordering some kitchen items from Webstaurant Store, my favourite online restaurant supply play (yes, really). All was fine until I hit the shipping page:

Chase is ruining Amazon’s good name

A couple years ago, I switched my Wells Fargo MasterCard to an Amazon Rewards Visa card. Unfortunately, Amazon’s Visa card is managed by Chase, who has no idea how to run a business, build a web site or provide customer … Continue reading