Monthly Archives: August 2009

Awesome healthcare roundup: lower costs, better quality

Health Beat has a terrific roundup of health care new: Physicians and hospital leaders in Cedar Rapids began by counting how many CAT scans they were doing, only to find that in just one year 52,000 scans were done in … Continue reading

Garrison Keillor on golf

Via Mark Hurst: Garrison Keillor on golf: The socially redeeming aspect of golf lies in the vast number of lawyers and bankers and managers who play it, and when you think of the damage they would do if they were … Continue reading

Delta can’t count

There are seven continents. But who’s counting?

SXSW Interactive Panel Proposal: Abort? Retry? Failwhale? Making Error Messages Suck Less

I’ve proposed a panel for SXSW Interactive: Abort? Retry? Failwhale? Making Error Messages Suck Less. Here’s how I described it: An unknown error occurred. Call your system administrator. Abort/retry/fail? Bad errors are everywhere. Sure, complain on twitter. But how do … Continue reading

SXSW Music Panel Proposal: House Concerts

This year’s SXSW Music festival has joined the 21st century — they now have an interactive panel picker. That means you can vote for my panel Why Your Tour Needs House Concerts. Here’s the official description: Find out why house … Continue reading

A Chrome funny

I’ve been playing with the prerelease version of Chrome for Mac OS X and found a rather amusing bug: