Monthly Archives: June 2008

Stop FISA “compromise” sham and telecom immunity

Please call today and oppose the FISA Amendments Act (HR 6304). It is not acceptable to give away our civil liberties. Granting retroactive immunity to telecom companies is wrong. This bill is not a “compromise.” It is a get-out-of-jail-free card … Continue reading

I’m on Schmap

Schmap, an online city guide, has published several of my photos. In San Francisco: Melissa Rapp at the Hotel Utah Peter Adams at the Great American Music Hall Gemma Hayes at Cafe du Nord And elsewhere: Aquagrill (NYC) Chez Nous … Continue reading

HOWTO disable overlays in Boinx FotoMagico standalone players

FotoMagico is program that lets you create amazing slideshows. In FotoMagico, slides advance in one of two ways: automatically, after a set time period after a mouse click If you’ve picked option (2), you see a “fast forward” overlay when … Continue reading

Canada’s DMCA == evil

How to block Facebook ads

This will prevent many of the annoying ads from showing up on Facebook: sudo echo “” >> /etc/hosts One would think with all the demographic data they have about me, they could show me relevant ads. One would be … Continue reading

Learn how to name files—hey Comcast, this means you!

People are really bad at naming files on their computer. How many times have you walked up to someone’s desktop to see half a dozen “untitled folder”s, several “documents” and files with other generic names like “resume,” “proposal” and “draft”? … Continue reading

Your brain on hope

(Thanks, Rider.)