HOWTO disable overlays in Boinx FotoMagico standalone players

FotoMagico is program that lets you create amazing slideshows. In FotoMagico, slides advance in one of two ways:

  1. automatically, after a set time period
  2. after a mouse click

If you’ve picked option (2), you see a “fast forward” overlay when you click the mouse:

I dislike this. Fortunately, there’s a preference to turn this off.

FotoMagico lets you export your slide shows as standalone player applications, and distribute them to anyone with a Mac.

I found one problem, however. Even when you turn off “Visualize Interactive Control,” the standalone player does not respect this preference. That means you always get the “fast forward” overlay. Yuck.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. If you peek inside the bundle for FotoMagico, you’ll notice it has a CFBundleIdentifier of com.boinx.fotomagico.

If you run defaults read com.boinx.fotomagico before and after setting the preference, you’ll see one line appear:
"PrefsKey_DisplayOverlays" = 0;

Now, look at the Info.plist inside the player. Its CFBundleIdentifier is com.boinx.fotomagico.player.

This means, the fix is simply:
defaults write com.bound.fotomagico.player PrefsKey_DisplayOverlays 0

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