Monthly Archives: April 2008

Separated at birth, part II

Following up on the booking agent and singer, we have the guitar player and entrepreneur. Jukebox the Ghost’s Tommy Siegel and Citizen Agency’s Chris Messina: Apparently they have a triplet, Josh Roth.

Why I’m going to Pittsburgh

Your generation had John Kennedy and Pierre Trudeau. My generation has checked out of politics for the longest time. We’re jaded. We’re cynical. We’re tired of spin and sound bites, tired of talking points, tired of being talked at. We … Continue reading

Facebook’s lawyers: idiots or jackasses?

Hanlon’s razor tells us that we should “never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” I’m still unable to figure which is the case with Facebook’s new promo guidelines. Bad linking policies are nothing new — … Continue reading

Lost in translation

In English, when reading numbers out loud, one often “chunks” the numbers into smaller groups. For example, when reading the phone number “555-1212,” one would say “five five five, one two one two,” not “five hundred fifty-five, one thousand two … Continue reading