Monthly Archives: January 2008

Verizon: 93% wrong

Eyeless Writer called Verizon 56 times to ask two different data pricing questions. 93 percent of reps answered at least one question incorrectly.

Friendster is a click whore, too

If you tell it to, Friendster helpfully reminds you when your friends’ birthdays are coming up. This is handy for calling them, writing them, or leaving them happy birthday comments on their wall Friendster profile. Look at the email itself: … Continue reading

Why not to attend Harvard Business School

LinkedIn tells me Fact: Harvard Business School graduates have 58 connections each (average) I have 270, and it didn’t cost me $83,000.

TiVo needs a migration assistant

When you upgrade your TiVo, you lose everything. Season passes, wish lists, saved thumb ratings, channel configurations — everything. Yes, you can transfer recordings — but only one at a time. It’s a very slow, very manual process. What TiVo … Continue reading

What TiVo can learn from the phone company

I recently purchased a TiVo HD. The TiVo was pre-activated, so I didn’t have to activate it on Before I pass on my old TiVo (a series 2), I want to transfer the programs from it to my new … Continue reading

Samantha Murphy’s digital freedom spot

Great work, Samantha!

Hidden Leopard feature: System Profiler

Here’s a neat Leopard trick I haven’t seen anywhere else. Hold down the option key while choosing  > About This Mac, and the menu item will change to “System Profiler.” That’s much quicker than the old method of (i) … Continue reading

The traveller’s lament

In 2007, I visited many cities — including Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Boston, Washington, DC, New York and Toronto. I used the transit systems in the last four and, of course, the San Francisco bay area. Over time, a … Continue reading