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  1. That is awesome. I bought an software license because the vendor claimed activation was “instant” and then he emailed me to tell me it would take days to clear, he wouldn’t cancel my order (so I could reorder it using a credit card) nor would he answer a single email and paypal did nothing. I closed my account.

    That company is happy to profit from their unethical sellers. It’s too bad they hold some ownership of Craigslist because I would like to still use that.

  2. Ive been scammed on e-bay before. Its amazing how many people are bent on cheating, lying, and scamming. This is a great video to see!

  3. I’ve bought a ton of stuff on ebay, and, thankfully, I’ve never had a bad transaction. The overwhelming majority of ebay sellers are nothing like this Kelli woman.

    I feel sorry for Kelli’s children, being brought up in that kind of a home! Kelli was too stupid to even see what she had done wrong – I can’t imagine what kind of life she is making for those poor kids!

    She’ll probably do something else even more stupid and wind up in prison!

  4. You know, I just tonight watched that on YouTube…. I couldn’t believe that she showed up on that show with that defense! Would she buy a friggin’ picture of a cell phone for $500+. I am so curious as to what is going on with her life now. Seems as if the world hates her guts! I think Judge Judy should do a follow up show, like the talk shows do … “where are they now?” kind of thing…..

  5. omg jerk or not I am tired of everyone saying how ugly she is. She’s fuckin hot! call her a scammer and a slimeball ect, but calling her ugly is just stupid because it isn’t true :P

  6. Kevin, you’re a man of simple dynomite, gunpowder, gasoline and fugly fat chicks, aren’t you?

  7. What a fat loser! Gotta laugh at her myspace page: “I don’t like people who make excuses for their actions.”

  8. I think Judge Judy was right, her husband was part of the scam but left her to show up. That isn’t to say I feel sorry for her, the show pays the money awarded to the plaintiff, so she desrved a good telling off.

  9. Sad that there are people out there like that. I personally have purchased about 80 items off ebay. I’ve been burnt twice. Best advice I can give to anyone purchasing stuff is to read their feedback comments. Ignore the positives & investigate the negatives. That’s what I do and weigh up the risks.

    At least ebay now has changed. No longer can the bad sellers retaliate giving you negative feedback. I had one of the guys who scammed me do that. I had over 100 positives & no negatives & no neutrals. He was the 1st one to give me one after ripping me off $320. His account is now closed. Ebay banned him.

  10. Judge Judy said she was going to turn her into child protective services and the IRS !!! I wonder what happened ???
    I am pretty sure she is advertising on craigs list under ADULT SERVICES

  11. Wow, this chick sure is a moron.

    I just wish there was a bitch-slap machine we could set her in front of for a few hours.

    Seriously, you don’t need to put a single pebble onto a sinking ship to help it sink. It will sink on it’s own.

    Does she sit in front of stolen ornaments on her Christmas tree?

  12. I don’t think you will EVER come across an Ebay scammer as bad as this fat, repulsive bitch. OOOPS, sorry, my bad. I meant to say, fat, repulsive c- – t!

    I first saw this episode 3 years ago and hated her soooooooo much I wanted to hire a hitman. Well, this episode just ran again today and her name (Kelli Filkins) is all over the Internet: She got 6 months in jail for this scam. Wish it was 6 YEARS.

  13. I have seen this case profiled on Judge Judy numerous times, and all I can say is that Kelli is such a bitch. She scammed the mother and daughter (and eight other Ebay bidders) on that cell phone auction and got caught. I always feel so happy for the mother and daughter winning the case. Kelli’s defense was so stupid. It just makes me so mad that there are folks who try to make money preying on other people. I have been an Ebay buyer since May of 2007, and have purchased over 40+ items since then. I always asked the sellers questions, payed for my items immediately, and always got the actual items I had paid for. I left positive feedback for the sellers I dealt with and sellers did the same for me in return. Here is some advice for folks who are about to bid on or purchase items from Ebay:
    1. Always check seller’s feedback score. If his or her score is in the 90-100% range, then they are okay to deal with. Sellers with scores less than 90% should be looked over more carefully or not dealt with at all (just my thought).
    2. Always ask questions about the item you see. Sellers will be happy to provide the necessary info about the item. Some sellers use stock pictures instead of pics of actual items; it would be better to ask the seller about the exact description of the item, because stock pictures don’t show the actual item–they are a representation. Just do your part and hopefully the seller will do their part.

  14. Mrs “PIGGY” Filkins needs a straight up, outright asswhippin for that, just plain and simple, DAMN TRAMP!!

  15. I actually got access to her home phone number and accessed her voicemail because she used her phone number as the pin # (what a dumb ass) anyway I changed her vm greeting to something like ” you have reached the fat piece of shit that got caught on Judy Judy ripping people off on eBay I’m a piece of shit if u want leave me a message . Also I changed her pin # to her vm so she couldn’t change it . LOL . I listened to her messages and found out she got thrown in jail for 8 months and her husband left her . Also child protective services took her kids . LOL . Now I dis this a couple months ago . Since then that phone number has been disconnected . And her MySpace was changed . Just thought u all would get a kick out of hearing that the fat bitch apparently got what she deserved . There is a god and he don’t like fat ugly pieces of shit . Hahahaha

  16. Haha thats hilarious looks like she learned and got an non published number. I wonder what life is like for her cuz u figure she probably lives in same place so she has the same neighbors and lives in same community. And u know that the whole town she lives in knows . She must get shat on every day when she goes to grocery store , shopping , gas station. Imagine her having to her kids school for a parent teacher conference and the teachers saw that episode . The shame the fat whale must live thru . Haha

  17. The latest,years later:

    Just spoke with her husband Michael Filkins who still installs drywall in the Caro-Flint,Michigan area. In time,Kelli Filkins went to jail is now out and she lost custody of her kids. They’re with the grandparents. (989-286-1427 new cell for husband Michael Filkins who admitted to being in on the scams and abusing victims who called the house.)

    She ended up scamming,then divorcing her own husband. She is still hiding. There may be further warrants out for her. A life ruined by scamming others and then giggling at her victms’ losses,smirking at her ‘gain’.

    He who laughs last,laughs best.

    As Judy Judy said: she lost her kids,was officially prosecuted and convicted and sentenced to prison. A ruined life. For what? To scam innocent people on Ebay? Can’t hide today with the Internet so powerful as it is.

  18. Hey I know the outcome… justice reigned,

    Does the ex husband feel bad? With this publicity — which has got to be worse in his own area — how does he get work? Is he still scamming people? Does he ever see Kelli?

    Soooo curious.

  19. I don’t know anyone that accomplished anything being honest! Also I’m glad you all find it amusing that she lost custody of her children. How do you think those kids feel not being able to see their mom? How do you think Kelli feels not being able to raise her children? Just judging by these comments all of you are clearly KIDS TRAPPED IN ADULTS BODIES!

  20. 10 years later she died, folks….

    She still had children who loved her, none of us who walk this earth are perfect. You’re not perfect unless youre sitting on the right side of our lord.

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