Sending email from cell phones

With my old Nokia 6340i, sending email was as easy as sending a text message — you selected Messages > Write e-mail in the menu, entered the email address, subject, text, and off it went.

When I got my 6620, I was disappointed to find out that feature had been removed. Sending an email now required:

  • configuring the phone for GPRS (which is different for Cingular customers who, like myself, are former AT&T customers than for “regular” Cingular customers)
  • entering my email address, SMTP server, username and password
  • paying 3¢/KB (yes, per kilobyte)
  • … and waiting quite a while for the message to go through.

My friend Arthur tipped me off to a much better solution last weekend. Simply send a text to 0000000000 (ten zeros) with the first word being the email address of the recipient, and the email will go out lightning-fast, and you’ll only be charged the text message rate.

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Update: Simon notes that this works on Cantel Cantel AT&T Rogers Cantel Rogers Cantel AT&T Rogers AT&T Wireless Rogers Wireless and passes along this handy tip sheet.

I found a FAQ for Cingular subscribers as well.

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