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bill silva management unhelpfully does not list their phone number or address on their web site, instead offering this lame excuse:

What are the Bill Silva Presents phone and fax numbers? What are the Bill Silva Presents mailing and physical addresses?
As far as the phone/fax numbers and our mailing or phisical addresses, we do not give out that information to the general public for privacy and security reasons. This policy is no different than a private citizen who chooses to have an “unlisted” phone number and address.

One of Bill’s clients, Raul Midon, is much more helpful, offering up the digits:

Bill Silva Management
8981 Sunset Blvd. #303
Los Angeles, CA 90069
phone 310/246-5292

The whois record for turns up the same address with a slightly different phone number (310-246-5210). Likewise for (310-246-5220).

Update 2007-10: Aya from Bill Silva Presents writes that there new number is 310-651-3310.

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  1. Hello.
    Am reporter with Santa Barbara Sound Newspaper. Would like contact and info re: upcoming Harry Connick jr. concert 5-20-07
    Trying to reach “Reba.” Please contact by e-mail provided.


  2. They have moved and the numbers above are incorrect. Main line for Bill Silva Presents is now 310/651-3310.

  3. Please note you have found a gem in the rough with Christina Perri. Waiting for the CD to hit all stores.

  4. What are the possibility of acquiring tickets for Eric Clapton in San Diego,Ca on 3-6-11? I know I’m asking for a lot but am a big fan..

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