rockstars tell fans (how) to cirumvent DRM

the bands hate the “copy controlled” pseudo-CDs as much as you do:

Now, in the most bizarre turn yet in the record industry’s piracy struggles, stars Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters and Switchfoot — and even Sony BMG, when the label gets complaints — are telling fans how they can beat the system.

A number of leading acts are using their Web sites to instruct fans on how to work around the technology.

Columbia Records act Switchfoot, whose latest album, “Nothing Is Sound,” is copy-protected — and debuted at No. 3 on The Billboard 200 last week — recently took copy-protection defiance one step further. Band guitarist Tim Foreman posted on a Sony Music-hosted fan site a link to the software program CDEX, which disables the technology. The post has since been removed.

“We were horrified when we first heard about the new copy-protection policy,” Foreman wrote in the September 14 post. “It is heartbreaking to see our blood, sweat and tears over the past two years blurred by the confusion and frustration surrounding new technology.”

Workaround: get a Mac. :)

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