summer house concerts

I’ve just update my house concerts web site with details for three shows:

Libbie is the former frontwoman for Pantene Pro-Voice winners Think of England. She’s opened foe Poe, Jewel and Rusted Root. Her music has been played on NPR and KCRW. But the important pat is she’s just that good. Just how someone makes and emotional connection with listeners is hard to describe; no matter; Libbie does it.

I found out about Sam Shaber through my friend Diana’s old house concert series. Sam’s won awards in the John Lennon, Billboard, and USA Songwriting Competitions. Whether she’s writing about family, love or New York, Sam is a joy to watch and listen to.

Anne Heaton and Edie Carey — this is my first two-performance show. Also discovered via the aforementioned series. Anne’s quirky, smart, upbeat writing style (listen to “Underdog” or “Megan & Kevin”) and candid conversations are sure to win you over. Oh yeah, she also opened for Jewel.

MTV’s Road Rules featured one of Edie’s songs. Please don’t hold that against her. :) Her four solid albums of folk of introspective folk-pop more than make up for it. She’s also caught the ear of NPR at the Utah Olympic organizers. Now, let her catch yours.

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