Monthly Archives: June 2005

blair’s solution.

stop giving every cow in Europe two euros a day. (via jesse).

readability bookmarklet

here’s a quick readability bookmarklet. it makes the background white and the text black. tested in Safari 2.0. looks like this: <a href=”’#000′;’#fff’;”>bw</a>

wil shipley talks

Delicious Monster’s Wil Shipley gave a talk to students at WWDC 2005. His slides are now online. Well worth a read. And damn funny.

mac os x on intel

Developers Speak Universal Binary: As long as Apple picks the fastest chips, they could be tortilla chips for all we care. —Wil Shipley

one way to handle pensioners

Salon reports on the NBA pension fight: For years, about 85 elderly ex-players have been fighting to get NBA pensions. The response from the league and the union: Drop dead. Half of them have.

finally, real broadband

100 MBps in NYC.

the eff, explained

i tell everyone the EFF is “like the ACLU for the Internet.” mike had a great quip. he called it “amnesty international for nerds.”

the seattle freeze

matt pointed me at a really interesting article in The Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest Magazine. I don’t think the behaviour they describe is unique to Seattle. But the dichotomy most fundamental to our collective civic character is this: Polite but … Continue reading


new site explaining microformats. rah.

idiot TSA agent confiscates car key

don’t fly into dallas airport.