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  1. actually, matchbox twenty changed there name to the spelling of “20” a few years back. they made a small deal out of it. just so you know. :)

    and don’t forget about maroon 5, eve 6, b4-4, or eifel 64. and that’s just off the top of my head. where do you get your incomplete information?

  2. 10 CC, Five Star, Three Degrees, 2 Unlimited, 4 Non Blondes, 808 State, Stars on 45, 16 Horsepower, …

  3. jackson five, nine inch nails, three doors down, the four seasons, the 5th dimension, eve 6, 3-6-mafia, 112, 50cent, sevenfold

  4. OK – I’ll play. 10,000 Maniacs, Fetish 69, 45 Grave, MC 900 Ft Jesus, 311, All 4 One, Boys II Men, The Four Tops, Authority Zero, Union 13, Seven Year Bitch, Ten Foot Pole, Buck-O-Nine, 1208, Tech N9ne, Jurassic 5, Double-O-Seven, Se7en (K-pop band) and Unit: 187 to name a few more…

  5. You missed KRS-One, 4 Skins, Four Speeds, Furious Five, E-40, 40 Oz. To Freedom, 24/7 Spyz, 7 Seconds, Ocho, Remy Zero, 3rd Bass, 2.3, Condemned 84, Blanks 77, Heaven 17, Brazil ’66, Electric Six, Haircut 100, 24 Carat Black. Backup Groups? I-Threes? Security Forces? S1Ws?

  6. 30 Seconds to Mars, Maroon 5, Stroke 9,
    Nine Days, Matchbox 20, 3rd eye blind,
    Sum 41, Blink-182, 3oh!3, UB40, Andre 3000,
    U2, Finger 11, Five For Fighting, 98 degrees,
    Nine Inch Nails, Jackson Five, Three Doors Down,
    50cent…..Im good. :p

  7. Dude, you missed out 36 Crazyfists… Not that I’m a big fan of them, but my bandmate Brian, is. o.o

  8. This is fun… D12, 10 Years, Five Finger Death Punch, M83, One Republic, Thirteen Senses, and I don’t think that this next one counts but some may argue that it does, Thrice.

  9. +44, 1982, 2 Pistols, 2 Unlimited, 20 Fingers, 23:45, 3 Channels, 3 Doors Down, 3 Inches of Blood, 4 Non Blondes, 4Real, 5IVE, 5ivesta Family and Project 46.

    And Reel 2 Reel, although that’s a Duo and not really a band.

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