NFL homophobic?

NFL homophobic?

This rather bizarre conclusion is reached when trying to order a personalized jersey from the NFL Shop, the online merchandise site run by the league. Anyone trying to buy a jersey with the single word “GAY” or “LESBIAN” or “GAY PRIDE” on the back gets a rejection message that states: “This field should not contain a naughty word.”

The wording was changed in the hours since this article first appeared and the NFL contacted. Now when you enter “GAY” and try to checkout you get the following: “The personalization entered cannot be accepted.” This wording is no less offensive than “naughty” and doesn’t change the issue. Especially when you can buy jerseys with “FAG” or “DYKE” or “HITLER” on them.

Someone running the NFL’s website decided certain terms were “naughty,” including a declaration of sexual orientation. But “BIN LADEN,” “TERRORIST,” or “AL QAEDA” are all accepted; just have your credit card handy (personalized jerseys start at $79.99).

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