Sunday February 6, 2005 at 11:23 pm

Why Does Windows Still Suck?

And what about my SO’s PC woes? Well, after her Vaio was so violently debilitated, and after being told by various experts that it would require nothing short of a complete (and very expensive) Windows system debugging and OS reinstall followed by a mandatory soak of the machine in a tub of bleach and then spraying it with a thick coat of road tar as she waved a burning effigy of Steve Ballmer over it while chanting the text of the Official Microsoft ‘Screw You Sucker’ Windows Troubleshooting Guide, she promptly dumped the useless hunk of sad landfill and bought herself a beautiful new iBook.

Monday January 31, 2005 at 12:24 am

Top 20 CDs for 2004

  1. Saucy Monky | Turbulence
  2. Libbie Schrader | Letters to Boys
  3. Sarah Harmer | All of Our Names
  4. Sarah Slean | Day One
  5. Charlotte Martin | On Your Shore
  6. Jason Mraz | Tonight, Not Again
  7. Jag Star | Cinematic
  8. Anne Heaton | Give In
  9. Heather Combs Band | Live at the Little Fox
  10. Great Big Sea | Something Beautiful
  11. Elly K | Intangible
  12. Vienna Teng | Warm Strangers
  13. Tegan and Sara | So Jealous
  14. Allison Crowe | Secrets
  15. AJ Croce | Adrian James Croce
  16. madviolet | worry the jury
  17. Sophie B. Hawkins | Wilderness
  18. Melissa Ferrick | The Other Side
  19. Holly Palmer | I Confess
  20. Kevin Fox | Come Alive

Monday January 31, 2005 at 09:25 pm

Things Bush will or won’t do in term 2:

I resent being called conservative or liberal because these terms are nearly synonymous with Republican and Democrat, political parties which have at least this much in common: lack of vision, lack of character, and lack of leadership. By “vision” I mean a plan or strategy that is more than knee-jerk reactions to current events; by “character” I mean being beholden to a principle more than money; and by “leadership” I mean the ability to rise above partisanship to unite people.