My Toronto Star crossword puzzle fetcher

On weekday afternoons, the Toronto Star publishes an eight-page PDF edition, “Star PM.” I download this for one reason: the free crossword puzzle. But sometimes I forget to download this, and since there’s no archive, I lose the opportunity to do that day’s crossword. So I wrote a script to automatically fetch today’s Star PM […]

the magic growing text box

Here’s a text box that grows as you type to hold just the right amount of text: <textarea name=”foo” rows=”1″ cols=”20″ onkeypress=”resizeme(this);”></textarea> <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″> // <![CDATA[ function resizeme(t) { var characterCount = t.value.length; // assuming proportional font var columnCount = Math.floor(t.cols * 1.25); var height = t.rows; var newHeight = 1 + Math.floor(characterCount/columnCount); if […]