Craigslist suggestion: pause and resume listings

Here’s a feature suggestion: I’d like the ability to pause and resume a post on Craigslist.

Here’s the scenario:

  • I post an ad in free stuff
  • I get 10 responses immediately
  • I want to stop getting responses until I can deal with the ones I’ve already received
  • If I delete the ad, I can’t repost it for two days (it gets flagged as spamming)

It would be nice if I could pause the ad, either until I resumed it, or for a fixed period of time (1, 12 or 24 hours).

I emailed Craig a few months ago. Perhaps if he gets more requests, they’ll implement this.

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  1. I am having that problem right now and searching for a way to pause my Craigslist ads. Seems like an easy and very useful feature.

  2. just change your phone number for now and change it back once you wanna get calls again :)

  3. I offer a 24 hour service, it is not 7 days a week. Craigslist people get VERY VERY angry if I dont answer on a Sunday when I cant do the 24/7 service. IF I could pause my ad before going to bed on Saturday night it would prevent the angry Craigslist people from retalitory marking my ad as prohibited, or get me flagged as retribution for their anger of my not being available.

  4. it’s not the perfect solution, but you could edit the post by cut/paste your original text to a text file on your pc … and simply put another message in it’s place, something like “due to high call volume, this posting has been temporarily suspended blah blah blah … that way your pics and the ad can stay in the system, and when ur ready for new business just put the original text back into place …

    i dont know if CL allows this, but i’m about to try it right now …

  5. I am going out of town for a few months and will be unable to show my truck. I would like to suspend my add and resume when I am actually able to show this vehicle.

  6. Excellent suggestions.
    Thanks Paul: not changing our phone number, but changing the voicemail message is a good idea.
    Thanks Jane: Auto reply email was not our first choice, but we may consider it.
    Thanks Lance: We chose to edit the Ad for now to Suspend with a message, and we will Re-Edit when I want to resume the Ad.

  7. I agree if we have a feature like this to pause and resume at later time for convenience.

  8. I agree. I placed an ad to sell my vehicle and I have 4 people coming later this week with appointments. It be nice to pause for a duration until and resume after showing to the 4 people.

  9. I just posted my truck today and the “service engine soon” light came on.
    So I would rather not have this ad live while my truck is in the shop. Was also hoping I could pause and resume the ad later.

  10. I could be wrong, but if you “delete” your post – after a few days you can “Undelete” the post and get back in the game. You don’t jump to the front of the line, but you resume your prior position. I did it that way

  11. WE’re going on vacation at the end of the week from 8-26 to Sept 7,2023. How do I pause my Craigslist account until we get back? Thank you

  12. I have the desire to pause my active car for sale ads and resume it later. I just got an urgent business trip and will be out of town for 2 weeks. I won’t be able to show the car and talk to parties of interests. It will be nice to pause my ads just activated 2 days ago and I can resume it when I am back.

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