State legislature websites, compared

Having recently spent some time with OpenStates data, I noticed the state government websites varied … a lot. Wanting to quantify this variation, I used the SSL Labs scanner, Lighthouse, and some Ruby scripts to compare the 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico’s legislature’s websites.

The table below covers usability (is the hostname flexible), security (does it allow or require HTTPS), server configuration (SSL Labs) and performance (Google Lighthouse).

state URL www .gov HTTPS Support HTTP Upgrade SSL Labs Perf AX Best Practices SEO ✔️C56747369 🚫 root15766075 🚫 root✔️B65948784 ✔️✔️A43907382 ✔️✔️B31926080 ✔️✔️B30688091 ✔️A29938090 ✔️✔️B22896792 ✔️A64817377 ✔️✔️B14856776 ✔️✔️B44888791 ✔️✔️B69827391 🚫 root✔️✔️A231008092 ✔️✔️B85567350 🚫 root✔️✔️A+94718078 ✔️✔️B27877369 ✔️✔️C87615350 ✔️B96776775
KSkslegislature.org72786067 🚫 www✔️✔️B38898068 ✔️✔️B48738074 ✔️✔️B41858091 ✔️✔️F301007371 ✔️B60926088 ✔️✔️F41827377 ✔️A76857389 ✔️✔️B98946762 ✔️✔️C86978791 🚫 root✔️B32988090 ✔️A+91008779 ✔️✔️B94619354 ✔️✔️B10937384 ✔️❌❌B34658082 ✔️✔️B37916777 ✔️✔️B40936788 ✔️✔️B651007364 ✔️✔️B80998097 F0846075 ✔️A+89674775 ✔️✔️B87807383 ✔️B581006791 ✔️✔️B57988799 ✔️✔️A39806785 ✔️✔️B27987369 ✔️✔️B34616075 ✔️✔️A7767383 ✔️✔️B43907388 ✔️✔️B29977374 ✔️B82638074
PRtucamarapr.org14846067 ✔️✔️B12736769 ✔️F58694742 ✔️✔️B89827379 ✔️✔️A69893100 ✔️✔️B641006782 ✔️✔️B68976769 ✔️✔️B52807377 ✔️✔️A71988085 🚫 www✔️✔️B46876769 🚫 www✔️✔️B90947387 ✔️✔️B34897380 ✔️✔️B80958770 ✔️B86847390 ✔️✔️B4928083


  • Three sites don’t support HTTPS: Alabama, Kansas and Puerto Rico’s lower house. Mississippi downgrades HTTPS request to HTTP.
  • Of the sites supporting HTTPS, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire and Rhode Island get an “F” grade. (Get it together, northeast!)
  • New York’s old state assembly site ( still works and doesn’t redirect you to
  • The Michigan House uses; redirects there (but doesn’t have a valid certificate).
  • The Michigan Senate uses the opposite: Going to redirects you there (and also lacks a valid certificate).
  • Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa and Minnesota require you add a www prefix.
  • Kentucky, Virginia and Vermont don’t permit www prefixes.
  • The Minnesota state senate uses an .mn domain, which belongs to the country of Mongolia. Seems like a security risk.

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  1. Utah & Iowa seem to be the best of the lot. Utah’s performance could be a bit better but it still better than most & Iowa just needs to fix that one issue with the root domain.

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