How to register a Kindle DX in 2018

I recently repaired a Kindle DX for a friend. As part of that, I reset it to factory defaults. When I went to register it so it would connect to his Amazon Account, I received the following error:

Your Kindle is unable to connect at this time. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please restart your Kindle from the menu in Settings and try again.

I confirmed the Kindle was running the latest software. Some chatter on the Internet suggested Amazon had disabled (re)registration for older Kindles, but that turned out to be a bug that Amazon had already fixed.

Restarting didn’t fix the problem. Turning wireless on and off didn’t fix the problem. Downloading a free book didn’t fix the problem. Wireless was definitely working — I could browse the Kindle store.

I called Amazon support. They suggested changing the password. That didn’t work. The rep tried deregistering the Kindle and then manually re-adding it to my friend’s account. That didn’t work.

He promised a callback three days later (today). The callback never came.

I called Amazon support again. I explained the situation and asked for an update. The support representatives were anti-helpful. They suggested a factory reset (that’s what got me in to this situation in the first place). I asked for a manager. Twice. Neither supervisor was helpful. One offered me 15% off a new Kindle, which I did not want. The reps would not divulge a case number or ticket number. I eventually was told by “Dorothy” that “Murray” was the person I spoke to on Sunday and he’d call me back.

During the 45-minute call, I did some additional research. It turns out that in addition to updating the Kindle to 2.5.8, you need to install the Kindle Services Update. (See Kindle DX Software Updates.) You can do so via USB from your Mac or PC. (See Transfer & Install Software Updates Manually.)

  1. Download the Kindle Services Update
  2. Copy the update-caupdate-05.bin to the root level of your Kindle
  3. Disconnect your Mac from the Kindle
  4. From Home, press the Menu button, and then select Settings.
  5. Press the Menu button, and then select Update Your Kindle.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Wait for your Kindle to update and restart.

Assuming it’s listed in your Amazon account, your Kindle will automatically reregister itself. If not, register the device manually.

So what is this additional update? A new set of security certificates.


  • The Kindle gives a generic “unable to connect” error. Nothing about the error message indicates it was problem with certificates. The corrective action it suggested (wait, restart) will fail 100% of the time.
  • Instead of releasing a 2.5.9 update, Amazon released this as a supplemental update. This makes it hard for users to know if the update is installed.
  • Amazon support staff are exceptionally poorly trained and didn’t think to check if I had installed the CA Update.

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  1. Having two-factor authentication can also cause problems, and apparently the old DX code, even with the latest updates, doesn’t display a warning – registration just fails. Even disabling two-factor may not be successful – but there is a fix.

    I was traveling in Mexico and trying to register a DX. After trying everything I could think of, including updating firmware and turning off two-factor, I still couldn’t get the device to register. So I went out to the Amazon Device Forums (on my computer) and was going to post a question there. Since I hadn’t logged in there before, and even with two-factor off, Amazon insisted on sending an authentication code to my phone because I was logging in from a new location. After I did that, I thought that Amazon might now accept my DX connecting from Mexico, and sure enough, it did.

    When I went back to re-enable two-factor, only then did Amazon point out another work around: you can append the two-factor code from an authentication app to the password on a device like a Kindle, as described here:

    I was surprised that no one had run into this and posted a solution before. Hopefully this will help someone else.

  2. Really, I tried after updating and disabling two step and still didn’t work. So I used Scott’s tip and just added the code generated the app at the end of my password in DX refistration screen and it finally worked! Thanks a lot!

  3. I tried tip of appending the two factor auth code from my app to my password and it worked to my surprise. Re-registration worked.

  4. Thank you so much Paul Schreiber!!! It worked for me! It has been years that I was Looking for a solution!
    As Craig Wiseman told pay attention that there are different update files. After registering I had to “refresh” the device
    (Note: I am in Switzerland and have no two-factor autherntification)

  5. Man, I appreciate this! Your experience mirrored mine exactly with Amazon. I was on the verge of taking that 25% off trade in on a new Kindle, even though I really didn’t want to. I love the bigger screen of my DX and the buttons and the keyboard. I hate the idea of having to swipe to change pages.

    I will add to this though that the update didn’t take the first few times I tried it. I kept getting an error message saying “Update unsuccessful,” and then it would reset and the file for the update would no longer be in my Kindle when I looked at it on my Mac. Like, it would disappear.

    It finally worked after what felt like a dozen times, and then I was able to register it. I don’t know if it was just repetition, but the final time I tried it, I had to “open” the file within the kindle, and then re-add the unopened update into the Kindle, so that when I ejected it, I had both the opened and unopened version of the file in there. Then the update was successful.

    Really happy I could get this Kindle working again! Thanks for your help!

  6. Hadn’t used my Kindle in a long time, thought my DX was effectively bricked, had wireless but couldn’t connect, couldn’t update with the 20Mb update file – dropped the ” update-caupdate-05.bin” file in the directory, my Kindle updated and everything seems to be back to normal. Thanks.

  7. I just bought a Kindle DX Graphite (3G only) from Ebay. I applied the 2.5.8 update, then the CA update for this model (verified it was successful), then unregistered previous owner and factory reset. I go through the register process and after spinning for a few seconds the dialog goes away and I am back at the register screen (no change). I can browse Amazon book store but can not download/buy any books as it is not registered.
    Amazon support opened a ticket with their kindle development folks for my issue. They manually registered this kindle dx to my account on Amazon end but nothing I do can successfully complete the registration process on this unit. I hope they can figure it out.

  8. My experience is exactly the same as Michael. There seemed to be software glitches that factory reset triggered. Better not to factory reset. Just do deregister and re-register only.

  9. I just bought a Kindle DX Graphite used (3G only) from Ebay. It came already with the 2.5.8 update. I went through the register process and after that the dialog goes away and I am back at the register screen (no change), or the message unable to connect appears. I can browse Amazon book store but can not download/buy any books as it is not registered.

    Amazon support manually registered manually this kindle dx to my account on Amazon end but nothing, it still shows unregistered.

    They also offer me the 15% discount, please help!!

  10. what is this, that’s it written in the amazon web page were you download the update and the services update

    In accordance with certain free and open source software licenses, Amazon is pleased to offer an archive file of source code for this software update:

    Download 2.5.8 Source Code
    Download 2.3 Source Code

  11. Priscilla, I actually have an active support ticket with Amazon regarding this same issue (can not register Kindle DX Graphite from the unit itself). Since you had them register your Kindle DXG to your Amazon account, you can use a computer to access your Amazon Kindle library and download ebooks to sideload them via USB transfer. This at least allows you to enjoy your ebook library until Amazon fixes the registration issue.

  12. Same like Michael, DeKuns, Priscilla, I have Kindle DX 3G B005 that was not connecting to the 3G. Contacted Amazon support today and they asked to factory reset. Which fixed the 3G issue but deregistered device. The rep tried to deregister and register many times but no luck. He kept saying upgrade to new device and they offered 25% discount. I insisted to fix the issue as I love Kindle Dx 3G and don’t think I can sell it even for 10 times more the amount.
    Rep created a ticket but looks like similar to other’s experiences they will sit on it and do nothing.
    To me it looks like It is not device issue. And I have both 2.5.8 and CA service update installed. I also tried the authentication code append trick and didn’t work either.
    I think Amazon again stoped new registrations on old deivces or at least Kindle DX 2.
    Anyone has any suggestions to offer that can be tried? Somehow Registration through device not working even though 3G connection works fine. Register pop-up disappears without success.

  13. Hello,
    I too am having issues connecting a Kindle DX to my account.
    I’ve installed the updates 2.5.8 as well as the DX service updates and received an “update success ” message.

    When I log into of my Amazon account, under content and devices, I can see the device’s name registered, however, from the actual kindle dx device, it reads “not registered”.

    I’ve installed the updates again, restarted the device several time,s as well as spoken with the Amazon kindle department for hours, however, I can not download any books, I can not purchase any books, nor am I able to add books to the kindle though the USB cord.

    Is there anything else that I may try to sync the kindle dx with my amazon account and have it “registered” on the device as well??

    Thank you, Truly Exhausted,- Jean

  14. I just sent an email to the kindle department with the email provided by Natalia, maybe something will come of it.

    Recently, When I called them on the phone, I was offered 15% off a new kindle but the new kindles are Not as good as the older models, DX and Keyboard 3G. The all-new-kindle with back-light feels like a child’s toy, and why get rid of all of the buttons on the eReader, quit disappointing.

  15. ** update:

    After installing the updates 2.5.8 and the kindle user update, at least three times (turn the kindle on with the 3G on, download the update, then connect the kindle to computer, and move update to kindle file folder and install update )

    – I went into amazon chat and asked for the kindle department, then I provided the serial number of the DX to the rep and asked them to add the kindle to my account. I hit the refresh and under ‘your account’, ‘content and devices’ , under ‘devices’ I was able to see the added kindle DX in my amazon account only.

    – Afterwards, I went to my digital content, selected a book, and clicked on ‘download & transfer via USB’, the book downloaded to my computer and from there I was able to drag and drop or copy to the kindle folder.

    Note, there are about four folders in the kindle file folder (.active content, audible, documents, and music). The downloaded books “have” to be moved / dropped to the kindle folder labeled “documents”. I moved the book to the general folder and active content but the book isn’t visible from any folder accept the ‘documents’ folder.

    Once I moved the book(s) to the kindle device, I ejected the kindle from the computer. I turned on the kindle and “bingo” alllll of my hard work paid off, well partially.

    I still haven’t been able to download books from my kindle cloud or purchase books from the kindle store using the 3G but I am able to move books, copy paste, to the kindle using my computer and USB cord.

    wheww, I hope that this info helps..

  16. View archived items, Create new collection, Sync & check for items all seem to be connected to each other and require the kindle DX to link with the Amazon account.

    According to Amazon:
    “Cloud Collections are supported on Kindle Paperwhite (5th Generation), any Kindle e-reader model 6th generation and newer, and 3rd generation and newer Fire tablets.”

    If you have the kindle app, maybe you could create collections in the app and then move the whole collection to the kIndle DX??
    I’ll read more on it tomorrow

    In my email that I sent to the kindle department in addition to requesting some sort of new DX update to sync the device to the account.
    I also requested that maybe a new or newer version of the Kindle DX was in order. That would be awesome because not every one wants tiny tiny devices with touch screens. Wishful thinking, I know but it doesn’t hurt to suggest a new one..

  17. I emailed them with the email address provided, the kindle department responded… they asked me to give them a call or chat to trouble shoot.

  18. Jean. I dont know which of my actions helped. Yesterday I was hopeless and sad unsuccessfully trying to install everything (default). Today I noticed that Kindle is registered.

    Try to download, as someone above said , every upgrate file amazon gives. And give it time. Good luck and thanks for support!

  19. I will re-download everything and hope that it works, thanks for chatting with me.
    Happy Reading!

  20. Do you have the DX that starts with 004 or the 005?
    And, how many downloads did you see? I only saw two different ones. Maybe I’m missing one.

  21. After a lot of chase to Amazon and explaining more than 15 – 20 people that it is not a device issue and that Amazon just needs to activate some backend service to allow registration of Kindle DX devices. finally this morning when I tried to register, it got registered successfully. Thanks to Amazon. And thanks to all others above. Looks like we all were chasing and Amazon realized that they really need to fix something and they did. Its been more than 10 years to Kindle DX devices, but still Amazon took action to resolve it. Many thanks really. TO anyone still having problem registering it. You may need to update to 2.5.8 version + CA update and remove the 2 factor authentication and try again. It should work. Register asap before that service malfunctions again.
    I love Kindle DX. Its large, it has TTS, it has full keyboard, it has 3G, it has 5 way switch, it has Prev, Next, Back, Home buttons etc… I can live without touch screen experience and without backlight. For backlight I rather prefer tablet with lowest light and Flux installed. :-)
    This thread is the reason why I think for me this issue got resolved. Thanks everyone.

  22. It worked! I feel like I won the lottery, woo hooo..
    My kindle DX is now registered to my amazon account online and on the device.
    This blog is great and you all have been so helpful.
    Thank you.

  23. It is not a permanent fix. Amazon close the registration again per today. Oh common Amazon!

  24. did Amazon state that they closed the registration?
    It took me hours and days to get my kindle registered. I downloaded the 2.5.8, the kindle user, and the two source codes, all of them several times, at least 5 times each. You have to do one at a time and you have to make sure that once one is moved to the kindle file folder that it is deleted off of your computer before downloading the next one, its very tedious.

    I also provided the serial number to the kindle dept and asked them to register it on their end.

    It literally took about a week to get my kindle DX fully registered and it was a hassle but worth it.

  25. It work by chat. So you are right that the registration should be done from Amazon end. I just did that.

    I got my DXG working yesterday and now my neighbor is happy with the Kindle K2.

  26. I just got a replacement DX 0009…. and also have been wrestling with a failure to register even though the latest 2.5.8 is loaded in, etc. I am not too bright when it comes to computer jargon, nor do I have a computer other than a Blackberry phone I still use (yes – really!). So if there is a simple set of instructions, please list it – I read through all posts, yet still confused!!

  27. Kathy, I don’t have a Blackberry, so, I’m not sure about the ports on it but you have to be able to connect the Kindle DX to your Blackberry and move the downloads to the Kindle DX device.

    If you don’t have the correct connections on the Blackberry, you may have to borrow someone’s computer.
    Without all of the updates, the DX is just a paperweight =)

    With that being said, there are two updates plus two source codes that must be moved to the kindle device one at a time.
    If you have not downloaded all of them, then start from the beginning, and down load one at a time in the order that they are listed.
    The updates must be moved into of the Kindle File Folder(which you may not be able to see on the Blackberry).

    Here is the Amazon link for How To Instructions:

    – Good Luck

  28. Hi, It worked for me. I did have to repeat the steps a number of times. I kind of gave up, but after few months, tried again, and it worked. (To Andrew’s point, there may have been something to do with repetition.) Either way, this is good helpful stuff.

  29. Thank you so much for this post!!! I really don’t know why I had to try installing the update so many times to get it to work, but I suppose the 8th try is the charm?! It took over an hour of reading help forums and such, but ultimately it was 3 webpages that helped me get it running, this being the primary one! FOR PEOPLE STILL NEEDING HELP:

    Visit site (1) to get the files. Visit site (2) if you need visuals to help you understand how to install the updates. Also read through this page of comments.


    My Kindle DX is finally registered to my account again!

  30. Hi there. I have TWO Kindle DX B009 and with painful endeavour I wrote again about this. English it’s not my maternal language and it takes me a lot to read and understand all. Besides that, seldom I have received an answer…

    I have two questions and I would appreciate a lot an answer:
    1 – How and where do I deactivate the 2 factor autentication???
    2 – I have never read any explanation anywhere about to what to do with the file named ‘Update_kindle_2.5.8_B009.bin’. My Kindle already have the 2.5.8 version (555370010), but I would try to updated again if necessary…
    I already have put the ‘update-caupdate-09.bin’ in the root directory of the device and updated, but I’m still unable to download any content to my Kindle. 3G works fine, I can search Google. But the explorer does not open any other webpage, always say ‘unable secure connection, try later’.
    Thank forehand.

  31. Same: Can’t register, even though Amazon support and the webiste says it’s registered. Can go to Kindle store on device, but, of course can’t download anything because I can’t register it.

    One thing I’ve noticed: It shows me bars, but doesn’t say “3G” until I hit the menu button.

    I’ve applied all the updates successfully.

  32. !!!I took my Kindle DX to a different county and tried to leave wireless on as much as possible. Finally showed up as “deregister.” Meaning it is registered.”!!!

  33. After doing all of the above I finally tried entering debugging mode:
    -Press DEL while on home screen
    -Type ;debugOn in the search bar

    I then searched ~h and it worked. I don’t know if it was entering debugging mode of entering the commans ~h that did it, but my DX is now connected.

  34. I found a trick that should work if you have already latest firmware and the patch.
    Keep the wireless on for couple of days and in between you can wake it from sleep and whalaaa the sim data works again. No errors and you can sync or explore store etc…
    hope this helps someone.

  35. I just found this thread. I’ve a DX Boo9 that for a long time was not connecting to Amazon (would shop and download, but could not access archived or sync). Then a couple days ago it worked again!

    But then I had to re-start and now “Unable to connect” again- even though I can download samples from the store! All collections lost, no access to archive.

    I did just re-do the updates mentioned above (including the NEWEST: “update-caupdate-09”)., but no dice.

    Further- with the re-update, a weird grey spot has appeared on the screen and will not go away with a refresh or re-start.

    Tech at Amazon is, of course, ZERO help. Any advice?

  36. I just found this thread. I’ve a DX Boo9 that for a long time was not connecting to Amazon (would shop and download, but could not access archived or sync). Then a couple days ago it worked again!

    But then I had to re-start and now “Unable to connect” again- even though I can download samples from the store! All collections lost, no access to archive.

    I did just re-do the updates mentioned above (including the NEWEST: “update-caupdate-09”)., but no dice.

    Further- with the re-update, a weird grey spot has appeared on the screen and will not go away with a refresh or re-start.

    Tech at Amazon is, of course, ZERO help. Any advice? Please?

  37. What you can try is keeping the device ON with Cellular also ON for couple of days and it should get the cellular working again. At least it worked for me on Kindle DX B009.
    I did alll, and tried everything including updating kindle with same software again and again, which off course resulted in Kindle not doing anything.
    Only thing I needed was latest SW and the patch. And then left it ON and just in a day or two the Cellular was back ON.
    Hope it helps.

  38. Right- AAAND- it just came back! Odd. So I’ll just amplify this advice- leave it on and wait.


    (No, if that spot would just go away….)

  39. As many here, my kindle dx (B009) does not register. =\ I am sure it has internet connection. My best guess is that it does not register because of the time, which is not synced (01/01/1970).
    I tried everything said here and it still is with the same problem.
    I will let it rest for a couple of days with 3g on, but still with no solution here.
    If someone has another solution, pleeeeasssseee!!!

  40. My kindle DX (B009) was sitting for a looong time unopened and without knowing above mentioned problems as soon as I opened it to days ago I deregistered and went back to factory settings :(

    For many hours I tried the mentioned solutions but nothing helped. The next day I log in into amazon website with my old registered account and send some samples to my kindle of course the system could not do it.

    I thought may be I should give a chance for the update process again and to start from the beginning I went back to factory settings again when the machine starts up ta da! It was registered with my old settings : ) I do not know how it happened and how that was possible but I can use it now !!!

    (May be trying to send my samples from amazon site helped because why should an unregistered kindle go back to factory settings and wakes up with previous info?)

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