Don’t mess with old people

A couple years ago I came across stories of a 72-year-old ex-boxer and an 84-year-old beating the crap out would-be robbers.

The trend continues.

In February, 70-year-old Ellen Basinski beat up some robbers with a saucepan:

The feisty Basinski was on the phone with her husband, a local judge, when the would-be robbers entered the house.

“I was angry,” she says.

As one of them started rummaging through her purse, she grabbed her favorite trademark Lagasse saucepan and, as the famous chef himself likes to say, BAM!

“He told the police it almost knocked him out,” Basinski says. “I gave it a good whack. I figured, ‘You might get only one swing, lady!’ So make it good!”

Last week, 69-year-old Dwayne Austgen shot a crack addict with a 22.

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