HOWTO stop receiving phone books

You can call the following Yellow Pages producers to be removed from their lists:

  • AT&T/YellowPages (formerly SBC/Bellsouth): 800-792-2665 or 800-248-2800
  • Verizon (Idearc): 888-266-5965 or 800-888-8448 or 800-555-4833
  • Valley Yellow Pages: 800-350-8887
  • Dex: 877-243-8339
  • Yellow Book: 800-373-3280 or 800-373-2324 or 800-929-3556

You can also sign a petition to request that the Yellow Pages Association use an opt-in or at least create an opt-out registry.

A site called Yellow Pages Goes Green says they will do the legwork for you. I can’t vouch for them.

Apparently the Yellow Pages folks are really sktechy, hiring lobbyists to quelch opt-out movements.

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