Speaking at WWDC: Bug Reporting Best Practices

At this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, I’m giving version 2.0 of my Bug Reporting Best Practices talk.

The official blurb:

Bug reports that are complete and reproducible help to isolate known issues in system and application software, making a solution much more likely. Learn the bug reporting best practices that Apple has developed in partnership with our third-party developer community. Observe the key components of a great bug report, and how they could expedite your bugs through our processes. You’ll also learn to apply these practices to your own bug processes.

The sound bite version is “I’m teaching developers how to write bugs.”

It’s Wednesday, June 13 at 9 am in The Marina.

Here are some comments from people who’ve attended my previous talks:

  • “Paul’s presentation style kicks ass.”
  • “Great lively presentation and very interesting content!”
  • “Flows well, Paul is a great presenter!”
  • “Great information.”

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