Design roundup: PC Financial, Canada Post

My favourite Canadian bank, PC Financial added a brilliantly designed feature to their ATMs:

PC Financial ATM deposit screen

No more addition mistakes. Enter checks one at a time, and let the ATM do the math. So smart! Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

Wells Fargo does this now, too — they scan the checks and read the amount in automatically. And they no longer require envelopes.

PC Financial’s relatively low-tech solution is something that can work with all existing ATMs, and doesn’t require new hardware or banking laws.

On the other hand, take a look at the work of a clueless Canada Post graphic designer:

Canada post’s ship-in-a-click, part 2

No wonder Canada Post is so slow at delivering things — all their mice are upside down.

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  1. This feature is actually present at all CIBC-affiliated banks, of which Loblaws/PC is one.

    But I don’t understand what’s so brilliant about the feature. Before it existed, I just deposited my cheques one-by-one. I suppose that I’m probably not the target market as I don’t usually have multiple cheques to cash.

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