Stupid microwave trick

While many modern microwaves have an “express cook” button, allowing you to heat something for one minute just by pressing “1,” other less-user-centered devices do not.

In these cases, to heat something for a minute, most people press Time-1-0-0-Start. Instead, press Time-6-0-Start. Same 60 seconds, one fewer keypress.

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  1. More interesting is input like “160”. What does this mean:

    1. 2 minutes
    2. 2 minutes, 40 seconds

    Whatever the answer is, it bound to lead to some logical oddities when compared against the results from inputs like “180” and “159”.

    Yet I can’t think of a time when a microwave has behaved unexpectedly on me, so I think that overall they have the user-experience thing mostly down.

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