Kelley Blue Book used car pricing

When you use the Kelley Blue Book to price your used car, you go through a series of steps: Year, Make, Model, Value Type (Trade-In, Private Party, Retail), Trim and Condition.

It’s pretty straightfoward, but there’s one usability blunder that bugged me:

Kelley Blue Book trim selection

This screen is a waste.

If there’s only one possible trim, well, just select it for me automatically and save a step. Thanks.

2 Responses to Kelley Blue Book used car pricing

  1. sbwoodside says:

    yes, but how many have only 1 trim. Not bloody many is my guess.

    So how’s that usability blog coming?

  2. Tony says:

    D00d, just be glad you never had to use JobMine.

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