Hertz discount codes

Here are a few Hertz discount codes I have lying around. Most of them aren’t really that special, but I figured writing them down here will benefit someone, and I won’t have to keep a few scraps of paper lying around.

CDP numbers:

  • Wells Fargo Card Services, Inc. CDP 65331
  • USA Hockey CDP 8972
  • CAA South Central Ontario CDP 279
  • Six Continents Hotesl Priority Club CDP 22754
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards CDP 205418
  • Air Canada
    • Aeroplan 221417
    • Prestige 436521
    • Elite 436520
    • Super Elite 118948


  • $25 off a rental (expires 31-Dec-2007) PC 185301
  • $20 off “Leisure Weekend Rental” PC 945781
  • $25 off a weekly rental PC 945630
  • One car-class upgrade PC 945615
  • Free child seat (three-day minimum) PC 945626

These coupons are expired but may be worth trying:

  • One car-class upgrade (US PC 164290, Canada PC 164301, Puerto Rico PC 164312); use with CAA CDP
  • $20 off a weekend rental PC 169540; use with Wells Fargo CDP
  • $15 off a weekly or weekend rental PC 169536; use with Wells Fargo CDP

I’m not sure of the status of these (2007-08-14):

  • $15 off weekend PC 965624 or PC 999036 (CDP 282)
  • $20 off weekly PC 965506 or PC999014
  • Two free days PC983441 (CDP 205521)

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  1. Oh, man! There needs to be a publicly searchable DB of these codes to which people can contribute the ones they don’t plan on using. It would be awesome!

  2. It would be nice to trade coupons. I’m looking for PC 185301, $ 25 off a rental. I have others to trade. This would be great!

  3. Thank you for the PC codes – but Hertz will no allow them to be used without the original document!

    any one have any ideas about how to solve this probem

  4. Thanks for your CDP codes. CDP 279 seems to be the best deal and it got me 10% off in Chicago on an almost sold out weekend. The rest were only 5%.

  5. Best Hertz CDP Discount Code
    Hertz CDP discount code 1757580
    Bookable on Hertz.com

    -Best premium business class car rental agency
    -Excellent Rates
    -Outstanding fleet. Interesting Hertz Prestige/Fun/Green Collection.
    -Unlimited miles (even for one way trips)
    -Anyone can use this code, this belongs to Car and Driver Magazine
    readers (go pick one up from a magazine stand?)
    -Hertz has excellent area / branch coverage
    -Most airport locations are 24 hours and will stay open late until your
    flight arrive

  6. Thank you, Jami. I used the CDP#1261109 & did get the best deal on Hertz rental for 1 week in South Beach Miami for New Year’s week. I wonder, though, whether I will have to present any documentation or proof of membership upon pick-up of my rental car? Anyone have any ideas?

  7. New York traveler:

    You do not need an docmentation, only the CDP#1261109. you can also sign up for your own CDP# under your own name, and then get the Hertz Gold Membership for free (normally $60). go to http://www.abnsave.com/hertz_discounts.html and click on the hertz logo. it will take you to the Hertz site, where you can get the same savings and earn FREE rental days.

  8. Use CDP code 1848655 and rate code best for 50 % off elite luxuary. AWD Cadillac Escalade without code $1230 plus fees. With code $659 plus fees

  9. For a limited time, Hertz is offering Hertz #1 Club Gold status free of charge.
    http://tinyurl.com/hertzgold . Once you signed up and you had your very first rental with Hertz, you will enjoy go to designated gold counter & gold parking spots, speedy and expedited service without stopping at counter if you wish, instant return, better upgrade opportunities…etc.

    When booking your car on Hertz.com, click “I have a discount (CDP, PC, Coupon or other code)” check box, enter “1911795” in Discount/CDP/Club Code box and “best” under RQ box. This code offers a great discount, most importantly, it offers free LDW insurance (this information is not displayed on the screen) when you rent compact to full size in North America (US and Canada). On top of it, you also benfit from underage fee is wavied, free second driver and unlimited miles in North America when renting from compact to full size.

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