simple gethostbyname example

Here’s a simple example using gethostbyname() that emulates the host command. I wrote it to debug a DNS problem. (On the network I’m on right now, gethostbyname() returns a different answer than host and dig. It is overagressively caching other hostnames. i.e. paulloookup is returning, which is (!) #include <netdb.h>#include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h> […]

The Real Reasons You’re Working So Hard…

Business Week writes about The Real Reasons You’re Working So Hard…. I’m not sure they gave an answer, but I wanted to highlight this: That helps explain why time pressures seem to be getting worse. Globalization and the Internet create great new opportunities, but they also ratchet up the intensity of competition and generate more […]

malcolm gladwell explains college admissions

Like Malcolm, I, too, went to university in Ontario. I, too, filled out the tanking sheet. He describes my school and program kindly: There were several good ones and several better ones and a number of programs—like computer science at the University of Waterloo—that were world-class. And I, too, find the US school admissions process […]