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  1. Apallaing design alternatives – inability to follow the simplest directions during revision cycles – had to provide font / style files for them – $400 gold program a waste of time and money – could have produced the same results with clip art in 2 hours instead of the 4 weeks and endless headaches. should have give my children the $400 – would have had a more creative logo with far less angst.

  2. I contracted Logoworks for a logo and asked, in the initial conversation if they could match the color of my current brand/company. They said ‘no problem’ and took my money for a logo, business cards, stationery design, and website. The print on the cards did not come close to my brand color so the solution offered was for me to send my brand business card and they would match and reprint. The reprint was the same color as print run #1 only glossy. An account representative said is was ‘within an acceptable range’ and suggested I speak with someone in printing. The printer said they ‘guarantee their work’ and that I should go to a print shop in my neighborhood and get the exact Pantone color. I did. Now they won’t reprint my cards. It has been 8 weeks since my logo was designed and I still do not have business cards. Bottom line: don’t go here if you want to match existing work. Buyer beware. A few Logoworks representatives have said ‘we are only an online company and cannot do everything’. One person even said ‘our process does not work for everyone’. I agreed with that statement and when I asked for a partial refund (to cover the cost of the business cards), she said they ‘satisfied their obligation by sending business cards in a color that was within an ‘acceptable range’ and that they ‘would not refund or reprint’. They must get trained on these phrases. As a sidenote: the logo itself is acceptable. And Logoworks has lost a customer and gained a negative reference. I will be telling this story anytime anyone asks about my brand, even unsolicited.

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