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Over the past couple of years, many of my friends have started using a Mac. I often find I’m recommending software to them. Sometimes it’s because they ask; sometimes it’s because I’m so enthusiastic about a program I just have to tell them.

The single most indispensible utility for me is LaunchBar. I use it to find applications, people and music. It’s a great complement to Spotlight. LaunchBar is the first piece of software I install on any Mac.

Other stuff I like:

Internet tools

Productivity tools

  • BBEdit is where I do my heavy lifting. (TextWrangler, its sibling, is free.)
  • SubEthaEdit is a great collaborative text editor
  • PCalc is a very nice calculator.
  • OmniOutliner tracks my to-do lists.

System utilities


  • Delicious Library tracks your books, movies, and CDs.
  • VLC plays pretty much any audio or video file.
  • DiVX is a great video code, cramming lots of data into very little space.

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