Miss DUI

Mary Hilliard McMillan, Miss USA spokeswoman:

“She was 22 when this happened. What 22-year-old hasn’t done that?”

that is getting arrested for DUI.

(rhetorical answer: most 22-year-olds.)

2 Responses to Miss DUI

  1. Was the rhetorical question what 22 year old hasn’t been arrested, or what 22 year old hasn’t at some point driven drunk regardless of whether he/she has gotten arrested or not.

    Still, the correct answer is probably “most,” but since it is impossible to keep statistics on arrests that don’t happen for crimes that were never detected, we will never know.

    The real question, I believe, is what 22 year old who gets a DUI is deserving of being written off by society and prevented from achieving and contributing at their true potential. The more we, as a society, condemn young people who have made a mistake, the more we encourage that individual to not care about future mistakes because their lives are “already ruined.”

    Perhaps Ms. McMillan didn’t handle the question very maturely, and perhaps her answer sets a very bad example, that is for another discussion.

    Dan Jaffe
    Arizona DUI Attorney

  2. DUI Attorney says:

    Has there been any update to this DUI story?

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