Monthly Archives: July 2010

Maddow highlights Fox’s hypocrisy in Sherrod story

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Why you should fix the bug

Or “how I tried to save Apple $11,000,000”: Avoids $1,000 in costs versus waiting until your customers catch the bug in the field, causing the team to remedy the problems, rush out a patch release, and/or go to heroic lengths … Continue reading

Speed matters

Performance is huge. We think of it as a feature. Speed is the best feature your product can have. Last year Google introduced these performance enhancements to Picasa to make flipping through photos faster, and the usage more than doubled. … Continue reading

How to install MediaWiki on a subdomain

Here is how to set up MediaWiki on a subdomain and use pretty/short URLs. This was tested on July 1, 2010 with MediaWiki 1.15.4, PHP 5.2.8, MySQL 5.0.90 and Apache 2.2.11. This assumes you are in a shared hosting situation, … Continue reading

Journalists denied access to gulf