40 Under 40 (2010) Gather and screen nominations; view past winners.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, MySQL

Smokin’ Hot Progressives (2010) Fundraiser site for the San Francisco chapter. Wrapped ugly Salsa pages with pretty step-by-step checkout.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Salsa (Democracy in Action), Google Maps, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL


World of Opportunity (2009) Extended capabilities of Blue State Digital fundraising software to support per-user donor lists, cross-campaign donor search and overall fundraising total. Improved usability of campaign creation forms.

Technologies: Blue State Digital, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery)

Engineers Without Borders (2001–03) Conference registration and membership signup.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Obama for America

Vote for Change (2008) Obama for America’s site to check voter registration status, generate nationwide printable voter registration forms and help voters find their polling place, early vote location, ballot drop location or clerk’s office.

Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), SOAP, PDF, MySQL, Catalist, FirstLogic, Google Maps

Heather Gold

Subvert and The Heather Gold Show (2006–2008) Content migration from custom CMS to WordPress. Custom WordPress theme and show management plugin. The coding (and sometimes design) several iterations of

Technologies: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, iCalendar, Microformats, PHP, MySQL

Make Povery History

Make Poverty History (2005) Created the Email Your MP and Email Friends pages for Gathered a list of postal codes in Canada and mapped them to Members of Parliament.

Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, MySQL

house concerts

San Francisco House Concerts (2005) Promote and take reservations for my house concert series. Clean URLs everywhere. There’s also an administrative interface for sending mail merge invitations and tracking RSVPs.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, iCalendar, XML/RSS, Microformats, PHP, MySQL

Jet Lag Photography (2005) I originally wrote the CSS and JavaScript slideshow module for Josh’s photography portfolio. We recently redid the site as table-free pure CSS/XHTML.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

house concerts

Ice Oasis (unofficial) (2005) My guerilla usability project to fix Ice Oasis’ broken web site. I scrape and cache their site, and present the data in a more readable, usable format. You have a choice of HTML, plain text, RSS and iCalendar.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, iCalendar, XML/RSS, Microformats, PHP, MySQL

Ang Smith (2005) Portfolio for Indianapolis-based writer/radio host/actor Ang Smith.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP

Stephanie Schreiber (2004) Portfolio for singer-dancer-actor Stephanie Schreiber.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP


Apple (internal) (2003) Intranet site for Mac OS X Integration team. Software Engineering-wide Quicklooks test reporting tool. Consistency problem tracking tool. Various survey tools.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL

Schreiber family (2003) Family tree, recipe book and photo album for the Schreiber family.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Emm Gryner (2003–2006) I took over maintenance of the web site for multiple Juno-nominated musician Emm Gryner. Cleaned up URLs. Created backend content management system allows self-service editing of venues, gigs, journals, site updates, newsfront and CD preorders. I added RSS feeds in mid-2003, before everyone else knew they would be important.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, iCalendar, XML/RSS, PHP, MySQL


QEP Eagles (2002–03) The Queen Elizabeth Park High School Eagles senior football team (before the school closed). My dad was the head coach.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, iCalendar, PHP, MySQL


Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (2001) At XCopia consultants. Codesigned and codeveloped a bilingual, template-driven, database-backed web site for the student union.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL


e-incorp (2000) Online incorporation for Canadian businesses. When the developer was having problems, I was called in at the last minute to get version 1 (Lasso/FileMaker) out the door. Later, I worked on the BellZinc cobranded site using version 2 of the architecture (Perl/PostgreSQL).

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Perl, Lasso, PostgreSQL, FileMaker


AuctionFlow (CommerceFlow) (2000) Learned Python and Zope. Part of the team that developed version 1.0 of AuctionFlow. For early demos, was half of engineering team and touched all of the code. For final product, ensured we shipped with validating HTML. Developed cross-browser DHTML navigation (Netscape 4/MSIE). Wrote multi-threaded cross-auction search, registration and preferences. Integrated cobranded email, image hosting and shipping price comparison services.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Oracle, Python, Zope/DTML

Sarah Slean (2000)

Technologies: HTML, PHP


Imprint Publications (2001–03) Learned WebObjects. Ground-up rewrite of Imprint’s publishing system. Replaced system of text files and perl scripts with web-based UI and database backend. Reader-facing application let users search for and browse stories sections and issues. Output in HTML, “lite” HTML and NITF. Backend application managed writers, sections, articles, photographs, illustrations. (The site—at least the front end—has since been replaced.)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, NITF, WebObjects, MySQL

Imprint Publications (intranet) (2000) Web application to keep track of people’s contact information and books and CDs loaned out on review. Replaced nonexistent and paper-based tracking systems.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL


Co-op Student Services (2000) Student advocacy group for co-op students at the University of Waterloo. Online handbook, FAQ, mailing list, meeting minutes.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP

WatPubs (1999–2007) Organize gatherings of University of Waterloo students. Ran, with no changes, for eight years (including the Y2K switchover). Replaced voicemail system, which cost $1000/year and was limited to three cities.

Technologies: HTML, PHP, MySQL

uwstudent (1999–2002) Rewrote to use valid HTML and speed up the site. I reduced the number of database calls on the front page from 11 to 2, resulting in a reduction of page load time by of an order of magnitude. This is me writing blogging software four years before people really knew what it was.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Community Musician

Community Musician (1999–2002) I was solely responsible for technical operations at Community Musician for versions 1 and 2 of the site. I designed the database schema, wrote the PHP backend, designed the UI, and implemented the UI in HTML/CSS. As the systems administrator, I configured and maintained Apache, MySQL, DNS, SSH and POP/IMAP services.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

SF Motorcycles (1999) Quick port of the basic technology from Community Musician to provide basic classifieds service for motorcycle owners.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Alphabit Media

Alphabit Media (intranet) (1999) Project and contact management for the Alphabit media team.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL (1999) At Alphabit Media.

Technologies: HTML, PHP

The Health Channel

The Health Channel (1999) At Alphabit Media.

Technologies: HTML, PHP

California State Parks

California State Parks (1999) At Alphabit Media. Implemented and integerated real-time credit card processing to accept donations.

Technologies: HTML, Perl

Butterfield & Butterfield

Butterfield & Butterfield (1999) At Alphabit Media. Prototype/mockup of auction site.

Technologies: HTML, PHP


Ontario University Registrars’ Association (1998)

Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, FileMaker Pro


Web Knowledge Forum (1998) At OISE/UT. Part of the team that shipped Web Knowledge Forum 2.0, an interactive discussion system used in dozens of schools in collaboration with OISE/UT researchers. Developed several features; touched or rewrote all but one of the modules.

Technologies: HTML, Perl, custom database


MMA Investments (1998) At Passport Online. Content management system to allow client to update site with current rates and other financial data.

Technologies: HTML, Cold Fusion, Oracle


Directors’ Guild of Canada (1998) At Passport Online. Search engine coding in perl, parts using Swish-e.

Technologies: HTML, Perl

Scarborough Board of Education (1997) Created web version of paper-based courseware. Exposed to cross-browser compatibility issues. Worked around several Netscape 4 bugs.

Technologies: HTML, CSS


Dofasco (1996) Developed several applications that moved paper-based processes to web-based systems.

Technologies: HTML, Perl, Oracle


Nelson High School (1996) As an extra-credit project, built a web site for the school. Created one of the first online course catalogs. (Site that exists nine years later is no better.)

Technologies: HTML

Ego Interactive

Ego Interactive (1995) At Southam InfoLab. Created “helper applications” page, providing up-to-date links to essential decompressors and media viewers needed to see contact on Ego Interactive, the first Canadian weekly entertainment section to go online.

Technologies: HTML