Monthly Archives: May 2011

Mind WIND Mobile stick phones home

I recently purchased a new internet stick from WIND. It’s a Huawei E1691. In addition to improving the device hardware, they also replaced the software. Instead of a slow Java monstrosity, it’s now a Windows XP-clone written in QT. Ugh. … Continue reading

Dun & Bradstreet’s time capsule

How to solve Facebook’s error 1366027

Sometimes, Facebook silently fails when you upload a new profile picture. After clicking Upload Picture, message indicating “your changes have been saved” is displayed. However, the new picture does not appear on your profile. Further, the string success=0&errornum=1366027 is appended … Continue reading

Globe and Mail + Nanos = Infographic fail

A month ago, The Globe and Mail ran an article entitled Most Canadians want Elizabeth May at leaders’ debate, poll shows. It presented the results of a poll showing most Canadians supported Elizabeth May’s inclusion in the leaders’ debate. The … Continue reading

Your hiring process is broken

Job ads are usually terrible. Both boring and bland, they’re typically written by some HR functionary who is totally disconnected from the actual work being done. Requirements are ridiculous, and often impossible to meet (hint: in 1997, no one had … Continue reading

How not to get iPhone users to switch to BlackBerry

7198299 Canada Limited

7198299 Canada Limited is Red Chili Thai, 1266 Danforth Avenue in Toronto. [for Google]