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HOWTO set up IMAP email for Yahoo

A few weeks ago, I was helping my cousins set up their new iMac. Once everything was up and running, she inquired about adding their Yahoo account to Mail. The conventional wisdom says you can’t do this. Yahoo charges for … Continue reading

Only if I have an equation editor

I’m supposed to sign up for your site how?

NPR Valentines

HOWTO setup multistage deployment with Capistrano

These instructions are outdated. They were written for Capistrano 2.x. As of March 2016, Capistrano 3.x is current. When I wrote about deploying PHP sites with Capistrano, step 6 was a bit of a throwaway — hey, here's a quick … Continue reading

How to display tweets on a WordPress page

There are a lot of ways to display your tweets on your blog. Many are complicated and ugly. Sometimes, you hit Twitter’s API rate limit. Most require the client to perform additional work. I made a very simple WordPress plugin … Continue reading

Fixing iChat Google Talk login failures

I was helping a friend set up her new iBook MacBook yesterday, and we were unable to get iChat to log in to her Google Talk account. We kept seeing this error: iChat can’t log in to because your … Continue reading

How to display the latest blog post on a WordPress page

There are a lot of ways to display the latest blog post. They’re all complicated and ugly. I made a very simple WordPress plugin to handle this. It has no settings or options. All you do is stick [get_latest_post] where … Continue reading

Dear Adobe: please don’t crash while logging

I recently upgraded my copy of Creative Suite to CS5. When you install CS5 Design Premium, you don’t just get Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and the like. You also get a ton of other bits, like Adobe Help (despite the existence … Continue reading

Why UBB charges are bullshit

Cogeco charges $1.50 per GB. Amazon charges 14¢ per GB. Netflix estimates they pay 3¢/GB. Netflix figures the ISPs’ cost per GB is under a penny. So they’re charging 15,000% markup. 15,000%., now featuring time travel

Looks like borrowed the USPS’s time machine: