Monthly Archives: April 2009

Randall Munroe is a sloppy programmer

The title attribute says “If androids someday DO dream of electric sheep, don’t forget to declare sheepCount as a long int.” Actually, you want to declare sheepCount as an unsigned int.

Mike Lazaridis is on crack

Mike Lazaridis: A: I look at it this way. I say that our browser technology was developed with very different requirements. By writing our browser in Java, that provides our CIOs and wireless managers the assurances they need, to allow … Continue reading slidecast

Citability looks like a terrific, useful project: Using advanced permalinks to make government information more accessible, reliable, and transparent View more presentations from Adrian Parsons.

Weirdest spam I’ve seen in a while

HOWTO read and pronounce URLs

URLs usually appear in written form — online or on paper. Sometimes, URLs are spoken aloud. You’ll often hear URLs read out: during television and radio advertisements in voicemail messages on conference calls So what? Well, almost everyone gets it … Continue reading

Michelle Obama awes London (and me too)

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