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Dallas police officer Robert Powell is a jackass (and probably racist)

From the Dallas Morning News: Jackass “officer” pulls his gun during a traffic stop, then takes 13 minutes to write a ticket. Oh yeah, Moats’ mother-in-law died while he waited for the ticket to be written. Kunkle said Officer Robert … Continue reading

HOWTO deploy PHP sites with Capistrano 2

When I learned Ruby on Rails, I found out about Capistrano. This whole automated deployment thing seemed pretty neat. But then my Rails project finished, and I was back to working on a PHP site. There I was, coding along … Continue reading

Jim Cramer: He’s like a dartboard that talks

REI grammar fail

HOWTO stop receiving phone books

You can call the following Yellow Pages producers to be removed from their lists: AT&T/YellowPages (formerly SBC/Bellsouth): 800-792-2665 or 800-248-2800 Verizon (Idearc): 888-266-5965 or 800-888-8448 or 800-555-4833 Valley Yellow Pages: 800-350-8887 Dex: 877-243-8339 Yellow Book: 800-373-3280 or 800-373-2324 or 800-929-3556 … Continue reading

HOWTO set the default target in Xcode

Your Xcode project has one or more targets. Each target builds something—a command-line tool, a framework or an application. The Target popup menu lets you determine the active target. The active target gets built when you click “Build” or “Build … Continue reading == fail

Store hours? What store hours? The Gap web site was clearly not designed by anyone who actually wanted to shop. It might have been designed by people who wanted to sell things, but that doesn’t help me. So what’s wrong? … Continue reading