Monthly Archives: October 2007

Welcome, Wachovia. Seriously.

A while back, Wachovia bought World Savings, a bank I use for CDs. I received a few letters in the mail describing the process and telling me what I had to do. The first thing I had to do was … Continue reading

Dove takes on the beauty industry, part 2

First there was Evolution. Now, they’ve come up with Onslaught:

Gruber, you missed the obvious pun

It’s not Bungie Spins Off From Microsoft, but rather “Microsoft cuts cord.”

OneVoice million voices

Bush vetoes S-CHIP

Jon Stewart: “So in summation, the bill takes money from cigarettes and gives it to poor sick children.” George Bush: “That’s why I’m going to veto the bill.”

Greg Quill is a poor journalist

To: Bureau of Accuracy/Public Editor Janet Hurley, Entertainment Editor Greg Quill, Entertainment columnist Toronto Star This letter is in regards to Mr. Quill’s article, “Shaye no longer a trio, except on TV,” originally published at [1] I was extremely … Continue reading

iRobot (Roomba) phone numbers

iRobot makes their phone numbers hard to find on their web site. Shame, shame! 800-727-9077 customer service 877-855-8593 tech support