Monthly Archives: March 2007

AmEx can’t sort

This is from my American Express blue online statement. Apparently "24, 25, 26, 25" is descending order. Sigh.

The lawyers win, again

My new Trek bike came with not one, not two, but three warning stickers. They difficult to read, state only the obvious, help no one, and leave an annoying, gooey mess when you remove them. I wonder if bikes in … Continue reading

Ladies and gentlemen, start your bicycles

Paris is about to get what could be the world’s largest Yellow Bike Program(ish): On July 15, the day after Bastille Day, Parisians will wake up to discover thousands of low-cost rental bikes at hundreds of high-tech bicycle stations scattered … Continue reading

US border crossings worse than middle east

In the Seattle Times, Floyd McKay laments the unfriendly US border: In a reputable international survey, 39 percent said the U.S. was the world’s worst in terms of being traveler-friendly, including document processing and “having immigration officials who are respectful … Continue reading

Understanding user needs…in Africa

Jakob Nielsen, look out. Parker Mitchell has a few things to say about the importance of understanding user needs: In particular, we will propose that the efforts of people in this room ensure that technology development efforts better incorporate the … Continue reading

Wendy Seltzer v. the NFL

Wendy Seltzer, a former EFF attorney and current professor at Brooklyn Law School, posted a clip of the NFL’s copyright notice to YouTube as an example of fair use. Pursuant to the DMCA, the NFL’s bots find the clip and … Continue reading

BPW’s ugly web site

Hello, BPW? 1995 called. It wants its web site back.

Craigslist suggestion: pause and resume listings

Here’s a feature suggestion: I’d like the ability to pause and resume a post on Craigslist. Here’s the scenario: I post an ad in free stuff I get 10 responses immediately I want to stop getting responses until I can … Continue reading

MySQL database backup script

I wrote one of these for Mailman last fall, and finally got around to putting together a quick script to back up your MySQL databases. It optimizes and repairs all of your tables, then creates a directory for today, dumps … Continue reading

JavaScript date validation

I was searching the web for JavaScript date validation code. All I found were lots of really bad ideas. Some were quite complicated. John Gang was on the right track. I didn’t see Chris Hogben’s article initially, but he used … Continue reading