Monthly Archives: March 2006

free music from verve

I found a card at SXSW for a free music sampler from Verve. They want you to go to, then register, thenenter in the “download code” of vforecastsxsw. The music sampler (Jamie Cullum, Brazilian Girls, Jackie Greene, Rhett Miller, … Continue reading

Better Google Finance URLs

It would be nice if Google Finance allowed you to use easy-to-type URLs, i.e. Which could redirect you here: Perhaps something like: RedirectMatch /([a-z]{4})$1

Best discovery of SXSW

I saw a lot of great music at SXSW. But one performer stood out. Just after midnight Thursday—making it Friday—I walked in to the Hotel Café showcase at Copa. I was immediately impressed. No. Amazed is more like it: the … Continue reading

My favourite Tiger feature

The title here is a bit misleading. My favourite Tiger feature really is Spotlight. But I want to talk about something really cool that nobody is talking about: kABWithinIntervalAroundTodayYearless kABWhat?

T-Mobile and Amazon don’t really like you

My sister likes to talk on the phone. A lot. And Cingular charges use $85 for a family plan where we share 1250 minutes. And 35 cents/minute for extra minutes. Highway robbery! With T-Mobile, we could get 1500 minutes each … Continue reading