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chair and wall unit for sale

buy my wall unit or chair.

best letter ever

showing up Nicky Hilton: Nicky Hilton asked, “I’m 21 years old, I run two multi-million-dollar companies, I work my ass off. Like, what were you doing that was so fucking important at that age?” I would like to repond to … Continue reading

optimism tax

Tantek points to John’s post on Optimism Tax: I’ll consider the loss to be part of my optimism tax. I sporadically pay this fee (when people take advantage of my trust in goodness) in exchange for optimistic freedom. I would … Continue reading

torch that SUV

apparnetly not only do some SUV drivers have bad taste in cars, they are also committing insurance fraud.

Apple Store bookmarklet

Remix: this movie + WordPress’ PressIt bookmarklet = Apple Store bookmarklet javascript:if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf(‘Safari’) >=0){ Q=getSelection(); }else{ Q=document.selection?document.selection.createRange().text:document.getSelection();} void(‘’ + ‘?productLearnMore=’+encodeURIComponent(Q))); (I’d make it draggable, but WordPress auto-curly-quoting is being too clever.) Update: the movie is from Jon Rentzsch.

bill silva management contact info

bill silva management unhelpfully does not list their phone number or address on their web site, instead offering this lame excuse: What are the Bill Silva Presents phone and fax numbers? What are the Bill Silva Presents mailing and physical … Continue reading

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