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cbc unplugged

Great source of CBC blogs and podcasts.

Tracking Down a Cell Phone Thief

Tracking Down a Cell Phone Thief Moral of the story – even if you’re enough of a cunt to steal from a charity raffle, don’t be fucktarded enough to steal a phone from a community of phone experts.

copyright, explained

The kind folks at Bromberg & Sunstein LLP – Intellectual Property, Business, Litigation have a nice flowchart showing just how easy copyright law is.

programming explained

Code the Code: Q. What’s the difference betweeen an implementor and a maintainer? A. One writes code, and the other rights code.

joey’s PSA

Republicans want beer money back

headline of the day: S.C. Republicans want beer money back.

worst fiction winners

The 2005 results from the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest are in. In considering the wisdom of entering upon an affair of the heart with the redoubtable Miss Ffiona Sensuosa, MacFadden Perfidy weighed the undeniable erotic advantages of such a confluence of … Continue reading

don’t fuck with cole valley

derek strikes back at hit-and-run driver: My mind raced. I could leave an angry note! No, better, I could etch a few choice words on the side of the car with my keys! No, better! I could go to the … Continue reading